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Review Elevator Pitch

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Dresden, Germany

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Oxygen Generator for Aircraft

Do you want to climb up to 18,000 ft like others and fly quicker with your non-pressurized cabin aircraft?
OXYFLY - the oxygen generator for aircraft - makes this possible by providing you and your passengers with constant supply of oxygen.

Using this oxygen generator now provides passengers with a continuous supply of therapeutic oxygen produced on board. The supplied oxygen quality has been tested and conforms with the cytotoxicity standard ISO 10993-5.

OXYFLY is primarily used by pilots and passengers of unpressurized aircraft. An oil-free compressor presses air into an oxygen module that increases the oxygen concentration to as much as 96%. Via hose-sets with nasal cannulas the aircraft occupant breathes in pleasantly preheated pure oxygen. This enables planes without pressurized cabins and their occupants to fly up to an altitude of 5,500 meters (18,000 ft).

Unlike systems that use oxygen bottles, the unlimited oxygen supply by OXYFLY works completely without a storage tank. Because the oxygen is constantly being produced freshly on board, no oxygen bottles have to be bought, filled, stored and transported. Thanks to OXYFLY, stopovers for refilling oxygen bottles are a thing of the past.

The OXYFLY is made in Germany by Dürr Technik, a highly respected manufacturer of premium quality air compressors and compressor systems. Definitely a good decision.

With OXYFLY you will be able to:

  • Unlimited and continuous O2 supply: OXYFLY serves you as long as your aircraft has power
  • Fly higher: without affecting your health and your vision
  • Choose better flight routes: by freedom of altitude
  • Fly above the weather: to avoid air turbulences and save power / flying above the cloud ceiling, they reach their destination quicker and efficiently with lower fuel consumption
  • Better use the tailwind: choose your ideal altitude at any time, depending on the wind and weather conditions
  • Increase speed: up to 20%
  • Save fuel: up to 20%
  • Achieve more comfort: no more headaches because of a lack of oxygen
  • Get less tired: start using the oxygen below FL100 when climbing and stay on longer, especially on night flights or when you take off frequently (sky diving, flight training, etc.)

An on board oxygen concentrator helps you enjoy the benefits of pressurized cabin aircraft.

OXYFLY - the easy, cost effective solution.